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Money Tools Switzerland: 3rd Pillar Accounts & Investments

One of the best tools you have to start investing and optimize your resources in

Switzerland is the 3rd pillar or 3a accounts. Not only can you start saving for retirement or other specific milestones in throughout your life but you can also fully deduct those contributions from your income tax.

Almost every single bank offer 3a accounts and also many insurances offer solutions in form of policies. Every case is different and of course it is advisable to always perform a throughout analysis of the needs and expectations for everyone but in almost all cases the best solution I advocate for is an investment account with the option to invest in low cost index or mutual funds.

I share here with you my favorite 3a solutions:


VIAC 3a is one of the best solutions for third pillar contributions in Switzerland due to the possibility of broad investment opportunities at some of the lowest costs in the market.

Download the app for iOS or Android and use the code below to receive the benefit of your administration fees waived on your first CHF 500.

Use one of the codes below to get the administration fees waived on your first CHF 500!

Code 1: VCbBG4Y

Code 2: GCwoThZ

Code 3: PCsafmE


Another good solution for the third pillar in Switzerland is Frankly.

They offer a CHF 50 voucher that can be used towards your fees when opening your account for the first time.

Open an account and get a CHF 50 coupon with the code refpc7cb3


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