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How to sell your used furniture to IKEA

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

I recently found out about a great thing that I want to share with you.

IKEA is well known as one of the more inexpensive stores if you are looking to furnish your home. It can also be a hidden tip for travelers to eat on a low budget and it is known for "IKEA hacks" for diverse fixtures and home equipments, for example for kids rooms, activities and organization.

Often people resell their furniture for the obvious benefits of making some money for residual value and, particularly in places like Switzerland, avoiding paying to get rid of it, as disposing furniture also comes at a cost.

I am very much a supporter of second hand use, reusing, repurpose and recycle for both sustainability and economic reasons. If possible, I would always prefer to resell in a second hand platform to maximize the value of the item but sometimes it can be a d

What I did not know until recently and I think many of you might also learn now is...

... You can sell your used IKEA furniture to.... IKEA!

That's correct, you read it right. You can take your used furniture back to the store and they will buy it from you.

How does it work?

It is called a Secondhand Service at Customer Service and they will assess the value of your piece of furniture and set a price they will pay you according to the state of the item.

The details provided are for the stores in Switzerland and it could be that the initiative varies from country to country. You can visit their website for more details and get an online estimation quote in a few clicks.

This initiative applies only for IKEA furniture, you cannot bring any furniture from other stores. However, you do not need to show a receipt, it suffice that the items are in the range of the participating items.

Idea for extra income: Scout for items from people who want to get rid of them, either from people you know or second hand market places and make some extra money.


  1. Visit

  2. Click "Get an offer"

  3. Browse for your product either through the provided categories or the search function by typing the product model or item

Categories covered in the secondhand buy back program include lighting, eating, outdoor and secondary storage, home organization, home electronics, home appliances, living room seating, store and furniture organization, workspaces, bedroom furniture, beds and mattresses, bathroom, kitchen, dinning and children's IKEA product range.

The items will be sold again to customers as second hand items, hence, they need to be complete, clean, unmodified and fabric items are not accepted due to hygienic reasons. Even if your product is not on the list, I encourage you to ask about it, if it fulfills the requirements it will likely be taken.

If you have products that you would like to dispose of and are not accepted within the buy back program, you can bring them to the recycling for as little as 10 CHF (for mattresses and furniture) and electronic appliances are taken without a charge.

Secondhand Service Requierements:

  1. Products must be returned clean, unmodified and completely assembled.

  2. Online value estimations are subject to a physical inspection at the store upon return. This means that the final value might differ to the value estimated provided online.

  3. Only complete furniture is accepted - no single shelves or parts of a chair or desk can be accepted.

What do they NOT take back?

Articles out of the scope of the buy back service

  • Furniture that is not from IKEA

  • IKEA "hacked" products

  • Incomplete or modified products

  • Outdoor products (including garden furniture)

  • Articles from the market hall such as accessories, decoration, etc.

  • Mattresses and textiles

  • Sofas, couches and armchairs

  • Anything "soft" such as pillows, covers, rugs, carpets

  • Upholstered products, fabric nor leather

  • Articles with glass

  • Kitchen

  • PAX wardrobes

  • Other oversized items

  • Products for babies like cribs and mattresses

The products that are subject to the buy back can be brought to any IKEA store in Switzerland. The transport has to be taken care by the individuals, meaning there is no delivery or pick-up service for this, but the car rental service could be an option.


  • You can sell your used furniture back to IKEA

  • You can get an online quote of how much they estimate to pay you according to the state of the item you indicate

  • The final price is set after a physical assessment on the store

  • The agreed amount is paid to you with a store voucher

  • Not all items and type of furniture is accepted for hygienic reasons

  • Maximum 5 items

So what are you waiting for? If you have some furniture laying around that you don't want anymore, are looking to move, downsize or just declutter and make some extra money, this is a good chance for it.

Did you know about this? Was it useful? Let me know!


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